Catering with the Lazy Chicken

We Cater For All Occasions!

Corrporate Events


Rehersal Dinners

Anniversary & Brithday Parties

Christmas Parties

Holiday Catering Menu

Cater delivery requires a 15 person minimum.

All orders include utensils, plates, cups, rolls, sweet & unsweet tea.

Offering both Pineapple Glazed Ham and Roasted Turkey (white & dark meat) for the holiday season!

Rotisserie chicken and Marinated Grilled Chicken also available upon request.

One meat & two sides $8.50/person
One meat, two sides & dessert $9.50/person
One meat, three sides & dessert $10.50/person
Two meats, two sides & dessert $13.50/person

Value Package: One meat & two sides (No rolls, tea or dessert.) $7.50/person


Macaroni & cheese
Green beans
Dressing & gravy
Corn casserole
Sweet potato mash
Mashed potatoes & gravy
Sweet kernel corn
Rice & gravy
Lima beans


Apple cobbler

Hershey’s chocolate brownies

Banana pudding

Homemade cake
(chocolate, sweet potato or strawberry)

Please contact Howard via text at (954) 465-4517 with any questions & orders!

If you have any questions call us at 864.281.3864.

the Lazy Chicken Rotisserie

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Sunday: 11 am – 2 pm

Contact us directly for catering or other ways we can help.

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